Full Moon

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New expansion! 20 new cards for your HOPE Cardgame. Build new decks.


The robots are aware of their benefits of not needing sleep, so they decided to fight mainly at night. The new quiter Hi-Tron technology has been lent to the new Invasion Automaton robot. He attacks like a ghost from the ambush, though his thick armor  does not pass anything.

The aliens who have held domination so far are beginning to lose track reinforcement in the form of the brothers Am‘o and Aeho. They support each other in a harsh struggle and require great courage to oppose them as an adversary. If you get into their siege, you have a poor chance of survival.




Fortunately, there is a Mutants tactically come up with the concept of distracting attention from the battle thanks to Mutant Charmer. His self-harming inclinations will accompany you in the most frosty dreams if you ever wake up to them. It is neither strong nor durable, but it is not advisable to approach it. 

People no longer want to hide and therefore call Armanix The Inquisitor, who already has experience with mutants and aliens. This gives him the advantage of unpredictable attacks! Together with Raynia Phillips they make a great pair.

New expression HEAL - when a unit is healed, remove a blood counter from that unit.

Expansion content


   1× Sack of the Death
   1× Be Honored!
   1x Sorrow Shared
   1x Treacherous Trick
   1x Wild Madness
   1x Armanix The Inquisitor   
   1x Tactical Retreat
   1× Sudden Strike
   1× The Last Chance
   1x Endless Battle
   1x David and Goliath
   1x Geyser of Life


   1× Am‘o
   1× Aeho
   1× Invasion Automaton
   1× Reactive Droid
   1x Raynia Phillips
   1x In Unity Is Power!
   1x Mutant Destroyer
   1x Mutant Charmer